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Change Log
2013-05-24 Contact-Us functionality added to website to replace forum as a way for people to contact the club board.
2013-05-17 Fixed bug in launch countdown timer PHP function. Not sure how the function ever worked, but the issue is now resolved.
2013-05-17 Disable forums by replacing index page with a placeholder page that automatically redirects viewers to the main site index page.
2013-05-02 MSRS forums being disabled, removed link to forums removed from menu bar.
2013-02-19 Modified application code. Applications will only be mailed and archived if both the first and last name fields have been filled in. This should cut down on the number of blank applications being sent to admins.
2013-02-19 Added Change Log to default admin page. Currently the page is only visible at login and there is no way to navigate back to it.
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