Member Benefits

The MSRS NAR section has invested a substantial amount of money to obtain launch equipment to operate safe and fun monthly launches.  Now, the section is working to accumulate some personal use equipment that the members can use to lower the cost of flying their personal rockets particularly as they advance to bigger and more expensive rockets.  We are hoping that this equipment will provide a more affordable path for rocketeers working to move into Class 2 models.  Using RMS hardware can reduce the flight cost as much as 25%.  Below is a table of the section equipment available for personal use by MSRS Section Members in Good Standing.  See rules below.

Equipment Available

Description Part

List Price

RMS-24/60 Complete Motor Hardware Set 91244 $75.99 $62.00 $30
RMS-29/40-120 Complete Motor Hardware Set 91291 $78.99 $65.00 $30
RMS-38/240 Complete Motor Hardware Set 3824M $117.99 $96.00 $40

Standard Chute Release

JL-CR1 $139.95 $140.00 $40

 Rules for use of Section Equipment

  1. Equipment can only be used during Section Launches and must remain at the launch site.
  2. Equipment is available on a first-come, first-served bases.
  3. Your request to use any of these items needs to be made 1 week prior to the Section Launch for which you are desiring its use. Requests must be made on web page.
  4. A cash deposit is required for each item (see Requested Deposit in Equipment table). The deposit will be returned when the items are returned in good and cleaned condition.
  5. If items are lost or damaged the Replacement Cost will be required within a reasonable period of time. Until then, the member will be considered not to be in “Good Standing” with the section.
  6. RMS hardware sets must be cleaned and ready for use when returned. Cleaning supplies will be made available at the site.