Launch Site Rules

All launches are conducted in conformance with NAR safety codes.  No one is allowed to be in the vicinity of the launch pad when the pad is armed.  Parental or guardian supervision of children is required at all times.  No alcoholic beverage consumption will be permitted during a launch.  Smokers must maintain a minimum distance of 25 feet at all times from any rocket motors.  Biodegradable fire retardant recovery wadding is required.


Most MSRS launches are conducted with an FAA approved altitude waiver of 6,000 feet MSL (5,700 feet from ground level).  The maximum permitted motor size is a “K” motor, unless approval is received from the Range Safety Officer for use of a larger motor.


In the event of an MSRS launch being conducted without an FAA approved waiver, rockets will not be permitted to exceed an altitude of 1,500 feet, must weigh less than 3.3 pounds, and may not contain more than 125 grams of propellant.